Wickie Wackie On The Reef

Bull Bay, St. Andrew



Opening Hours

always open


Cleanliness rating
Harassment rating
  • Parking available
  • Pets allowed
  • Food & drinks allowed
  • Cooking allowed


Basic Info

  • Surveyed by: Jamaica Environment Trust
  • Survey date & time: 5th June, 2019, 3:30pm
  • Beach: Wickie Wackie On The Reef
  • Closest town: Bull Bay, St. Andrew
  • Beach length: 600.00 m

Beach Basics

  • Fishing beach: No
  • Fish vending: No
  • Commercial activity level: No commercial activity
  • Swimming/bathing beach: Yes
  • Opening hours:
    always open
  • Busiest day of the week: Saturday
  • Crowd size on typical days: 11-20
  • Crowd size on busiest days: 21-50

Beach Management

  • Beach type: Community Beach, i.e. beach designated for use and benefit of adjacent community (with access to the general public)
  • Property owner: Unknown
  • Property manager: Wickie Wackie Citizens Association
  • Property manager contact:
    • Name: Jermone Levy (President)
    • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Management arrangement: Unknown
  • Community organization: Wickie Wackie Citizens Association


Fees & Facilities

  • Entrance fees: None
  • Changing room: No
  • Running water: No
  • Toilet: No
  • Parking: Yes (11 - 50 cars)
  • Food & Drinks: Yes - both food and drink
  • Cooking: Yes
  • Pets: Yes

Activities & Behaviour

  • Activities:
    • Swimming
    • Fishing
    • Parties

  • Family environment: No - Please note that no lifeguard is present. However, the beach is safe and often used by community members. The atmosphere is very relaxing and beach goers do not generally experience harassment.
  • Alcohol: Alcohol allowed
  • Smoking: Smoking allowed
  • Parties:
    • How often: Once or twice per year
    • Party days:
      • All days
  • Harassment issues: 0 out of 5 rating - No harassment issues reported.
  • Illegal activities: None reported.


Structures & Dwellings

  • Informal settlements: None identified
  • Offshore structures:
    • None observed


  • Domestic animals: No domestic animals are on the beach.
  • Sea turtle nests: No
  • Sea turtle poaching: None reported
  • Other animals: None observed


  • Vegetation coverage: About 40% coverage observed.
  • Vegetation Categories:
    • Trees
    • Grasses
  • Vegetation names:
    Almond Trees
    Neem Trees
    Sea Grape Trees
    Silver Button
  • Vegetation clearing: No evidence of the vegetation being cleared.
  • Seagrass coverage: None observed in the nearshore
  • Sargassum issues: About 20% coverage observed on the beach or in the nearshore


  • Sand color: Black
  • Sand texture: Coarse
  • Sand dunes: There are sand dunes 3 to 5 feet with about 90% covered with vegetation.
  • Evidence of beach erosion: There is no evidence of beach erosion.

Water Quality

  • Sewage & wastewater treatment:
    No sewage/wastewater management necessary
  • Evidence of Marine Pollution: No nearshore pollution observed.
  • Water quality monitoring: No
  • Drainage features:
    • Not applicable

Garbage Management

  • Garbage bins: There are 2 bins available.
  • Cleanliness: Scored 4 out of 5 for cleanliness.
  • Fish cleaning on the beach: Fish are not cleaned on the beach
  • Responsible for beach cleanliness: Community member(s)
  • Garbage management:
    • Garbage collection by NSWMA
  • Garbage collection frequency: Once every two to three weeks