Big Up Wi Beach JA is one component of the Better Beaches for Jamaicans (BBFJ) project being delivered by the Jamaica Environment Trust (JET) with funding from the Irwin Andrew Porter Foundation. BBFJ brings together beach users, managers, communities and other stakeholders with the aim of promoting better stewardship of Jamaican beaches and access for all; this is achieved by:

  • engaging with and establishing partnerships community groups managing their local beaches,
  • advocating for a coherent and comprehensive policy framework for Jamaican beaches including access rights and public participation in decision making, and
  • educating Jamaicans about the status of their public beaches and promoting better beach practices by beach users.

Big Up Wi Beach JA was launched by JET on social media in 2017, with the aim of creating a network of Jamaican beach users, managers, communities and regulators to facilitate engagement on beach issues.  In 2019 Big Up Wi Beach JA has been expanded into a public education campaign on beach conservation and access. As part of the Big Up Wi Beach JA campaign to educate Jamaicans about beach issues, JET embarked on a community-based participatory research project to determine the management and ecological health of Jamaica’s public beaches. Between November 2018 and May 2019 JET and its local partners conducted an islandwide survey of 132 publicly accessible beaches in Jamaica to assess their ecological health and management status; the results of which are displayed on this site.

Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the material on this site, which will be under frequent review. We invite input, corrections and suggestions for improvement.

Jamaica Environment Trust (JET) is a non-profit, non-governmental membership organization operating in the island of Jamaica. Formed in 1991, we are a registered charity under Jamaican law and our main focus is environmental education and advocacy. Our vision is: Jamaicans are knowledgeable and concerned about the environment and this is reflected in their lifestyles and behaviour, environmental issues are given high priority and are an integral part of national development objectives, and natural areas are valued, protected and properly managed

Irwin Andrew Porter Foundation is a family foundation based in the United States. The mission of the foundation is to fund innovative projects that foster connections between individuals, communities, the environment and the world at large. Founded in 1996, the foundation funds a broad range of focus areas and is most interested in projects that require and/or inspire those directly benefiting from the project to give back to their communities both during the project and into the future. The Irwin Andrew Porter Foundation has made grants in nine states and 15 countries to 110 separate organizations.