Better Beaches for Jamaicans

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In March 2020 the JET team took to the highways and visited our Big Up Wi Beach community partners Duncans Bay Beach in Trelawny, Alligator Pond in Manchester and Winnifred's Beach in Portland.

Our first stop was Duncans Bay Beach, where we met with Sandra and other community members. It was a great opportunity to see and hear about all the work and progress that they have been making in protecting their beach environment.

There was so much to see, from the welcoming sign that was made by the community group to the well-maintained lawns and the beautiful beach vegetation.

The community shared some of their plans with us for reducing the garbage that was that was placed in the bins on the beach. One of the suggestions was to develop a recycling space that utilised the materials with the possibility of creating a closed loop.

Our next stop was Alligator Pond, the drive in was much easier with parts of the road having been newly paved. We were greeted by members of the Alligator Pond Citizens' Association & Fishermen’s Cooperation, who took us around the community where we were able to see all the changes that had taken place since the last visit. This included the swamp area being drained for the development of a sports field. One of the many changes that really stood out was the new “Fish” for collecting plastic bottles, that was a visual reminder encouraging the community to recycle.