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As with other public holidays in Jamaica, many take the opportunity of Heroes’ Day to head to the beach - after all, it’s a Jamaican tradition. While we unwind, kick back or party it up during this period, we must ensure that Jamaica’s beaches are kept healthy and can be enjoyed year after year. Here are four things to remember this Heroes’ Weekend when you go to the beach.


1.  1. Watch where you walk and drive on the beach

Avoid walking or driving on beach vegetation and sand dunes. This can destroy plants and animal habitats. Pay attention to those working on the beach and signs that will guide you to the best place to park and walk on the beach.

duncans sand dune

Duncans, TrelawnySand dunes help to hold the beach together.


2.      2. Take only pictures, leave only footprints

Seashells, crabs, sea fans, coral, driftwood and beach plants are interesting to look at, so you may want to take them home with you, but please don’t. Take a picture instead! The photograph will last forever and does not harm the beach. Anything that is naturally found on the beach should be left alone, as it is an important part of the beach environment. For example, driftwood provides a habitat for small animals living on the beach, shells and coral breakdown to make beach sand.


 Sea Fan.

Do not leave any garbage on the beach. Bring a few garbage bags with you, in case the beach you are visiting has no bins available. Ensure that the area you were sitting is clean when you are ready to leave the beach. Ensure all the garbage you generate at the beach is disposed of properly, i.e. put it in a bag and put it in a bin for collection. If the beach does not have regular garbage collection, take your garbage home with you.

garbage bins  duncans beach

Garbage bins at Duncans Beach in Trelawny.


3.      3. Reduce your waste

Avoid taking single-use plastic like plastic cups and plates to the beach. Bring your reusable water bottle or cup for drinks throughout the day and bring food from home, if possible.  This will reduce the amount of garbage left to throw away at the end of your beach day. Also, reusable party cups are a must if you’re attending any beach parties during the holiday period #CarryYuhCup

NDUJ cups

Get a reusable cup that will keep your drinks cool all day.


4.      4. Pay attention to beach signs

Signs on the beach usually have key information and rules that are important to keeping the beach environment healthy and beach users safe. In addition, to parking signs, they may restrict certain activities that may be dangerous to beach users or harmful to the beach environment

duncans beach sign

The Duncans Bay Citizens association letting you know the beach rules.


Small simple actions go a long way in maintaining the health of our beaches.

Have a great Heroes weekend! #BigUpWiBeach



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