Posts from 2019-08-27

Surveying Jamaican Beaches

Contributed by Ashley Codner

When I began working at the Jamaica Environment Trust (JET) in September 2018, the Better Beaches for Jamaicans (BBFJ) project was already well underway. As one of two new JET Project Coordinators I was asked which projects I was interested in taking the lead on. I jumped at the beach project, because I have a marine biology background and I love going to beach to enjoy the tranquillity it brings.

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Leave only footprints! A Jamaican guide for a low waste beach picnic

 Contributed by Sherianne Hart 

It’s the weekend and a beautiful, sunny day; the perfect weather for going to the beach! If you’re a real beach lover, like most Jamaicans, then keeping them clean should be important to you. Reducing the amount of garbage you generate at the beach will help to guarantee many more beautiful beach days for years to come. 

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